Parker Davidson

TV Spots

Angie Tribeca – Starts NOW! :20

This :20 promo was the last thing to play before the epic 25-hour marathon of the show on TBS. Edited by Parker Davidson.

American Dad – Season 10 Trailer

Decided to take the show in a darker direction. TBS and fans reacted well to the trailer. Edited by Parker Davidson.

Angie Tribeca – Behind the Scenes

A 90-second quick look behind the scenes of Angie Tribeca featuring Steve and Nancy Carell. Edited by Parker Davidson.

The Detour – Salvation, Florida

Directed and edited by Parker Davidson. Meant as a commercial to play within the upcoming show “The Detour” on TBS. Obviously I may have watched too many local TV spots while growing up.

Pennzoil – Joey Logano – 4,680 Degrees of Burning Rubber :30

2:00 version –

Offline, Online and Color by Parker Davidson.


JoAnn Fabric – 2015 TV Brand Spot :30

Southeast Toyota & 22squared 2012 Cutdowns

Here are a series of cutdowns I did for 22squared & Southeast Toyota.

Editing Reel – 2012

Work Shown:

“Signature :15” – Toyota – 22squared (editor, graphics)
“Facts & Figures :15” – Toyota – 22squared (editor, graphics)
“Corolla – Big Personality :20/:10” – Toyota – 22squared (edited cut down version & tag)
“Fun City” – Judi Chicago (music video – director, editor, graphics, all of the above)
“What a Girl Wants” Promo – Oxygen TV – Bark Bark (editor)

“Tropicana Imports :15” – Florida’s Natural Orange Juice – 22squared (Director, DP, Edit, Finish)
“Autonomic” – Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun (music video – director, editor, graphics, all of the above)
“Lincoln Financial Case Study” – 22squared (editor, graphics)
“A Web Story” – 22squared (editor, graphics)
“The Natural Way :15” – Florida’s Natural Growers – 22squared (cut down editor)

Florida’s Natural – Tropicana Imports TV

Shot, Directed & Edited by me.
Agency: 22squared
Art Director: Isvel Rodriguez

Stop motion segment was shot on a Hasselblad H3D and motion segment on Red One with Zeiss Super Speed primes. Contact for password.

Germ (trailer)

A trailer I edited for the up and coming film, “Germ.”

Toyota Corolla – Offer

Toyota-Sign & Drive

Toyota Camry – Offer

Facts & Figures :15

What A Girl Wants – TV Promo

Produced by Bark-Bark for Oxygen TV in 2006.