Parker Davidson


Ask Hatter & Hare

“Ask Hatter and & Hare” is a “Dear Abby”-eqsue write-in web series offering advice bordering on the absurd – all set in a post-industrial Wonderland. Our two heroes listen to your questions and offer the best solution to your problem. I directed and edited each of the following episodes along with some social content posts available on the “Ask Hatter and Hare” facebook page.

Episode 3’s content may be not suitable for viewing in open office environments.

Angie Tribeca – Behind the Scenes

A 90-second quick look behind the scenes of Angie Tribeca featuring Steve and Nancy Carell. Edited by Parker Davidson.

The Detour – Salvation, Florida

Directed and edited by Parker Davidson. Meant as a commercial to play within the upcoming show “The Detour” on TBS. Obviously I may have watched too many local TV spots while growing up.

RED Camera test – Poor Kitty

Had to make sure the camera was in proper working order. Only had one subject at my house.

I’ll Tell You What

There isn’t much on this site from my time spent with a car dealership infomercial company. Basically we’d do those half-hour programs where they roll a few cars by with people yelling and often in cheap costumes hocking car loans. I got to meet some really interesting people during my tenure shooting and editing these. The best part about the gig was the freedom it did offer towards hilarity, since no one was really watching anyway. Oh yeah, I was also watching a lot of “Battlestar Galactica” at the time.